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raw wild turmeric

Raw Wild Turmeric 100g

Divine Spices

  • €6,00

      Our natural, organic, 100% raw, sun dried and hand packed turmeric is grown in soil of Sindoro volcano. The purest taste of our turmeric is created by unique method of hand-made production.

      We are first producers, who clean the turmeric by hand, each root separately and remove any piece of the skin with absolute precision. Then, the precisely cleaned roots are left for 7-10 days under the sun to dry.

      That’s what we call “preparation with precision and love”.

      Our raw wild turmeric is:

      • 100% natural, organic direct trade product from fertile volcanic soil in Java,
      • 100% raw superfood, handpicked and sundried,
      • Made from highest quality wild turmeric growing between two volcanoes,
      • Precious diamond of the nature, rich in natural compounds and antioxidants,
      • Obtained from a group of farmers complying with the rules of organic farming with whom we work for years.

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