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Our beautiful products from fair trade Divine Spices.

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Indonesia is a diverse and fertile archipelago. The island of Java is a tropical paradise, dotted with volcanoes, waterfalls and all manner of exotic trees including the coconut, mango (some are as big as your head!) and jackfruit. 
It is also home to the Divine Spices fair trade project from which The Good Crop Company is proud to source its coconut blossom sugar, raw wild turmeric and bourbon vanilla (pods and powder). The initiative has established a system of direct trade co-operation with the Javanese people: teaching, mentoring and encouraging them to become the independent producers and the final processors of these beautiful products and providing a route to sale. In this way, sustainable employment is provided and living conditions are improved significantly. 
Divine Spices believes in putting people and the planet first. People are put first through the development and fostering of meaningful, long-term co-operation with the farmers based on the principles of fairness, trust, friendship and honesty; and the planet is put first by harnessing Mother Nature's natural foods of the highest quality using the principles of organic farming.
Unusually, one hundred per cent of Divine Spices' products are hand produced. There is no mechanical intervention. Luka, (pictured), believes that love can only be infused into the products this way! 
In addition to the employment which is created by the farming and hand-processing of these beautiful products, further employment is created through the packaging process. All of the paper and cardboard packaging is hand folded, so, again there are no machines involved.
Stay tuned as we intend to publish further blog posts about these three beautiful products which we stock from Divine Spices. 
For the moment, check out our recipes' blog where you will see the various recipes in which we have used the coconut blossom sugar.

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